Friday, July 27, 2012


Last week I was introduce to a world that I, shockingly for my age, know little about—social media. I was assigned the job of compiling a page that describes the way Vital Voices uses social media to spread information and updates.

In March, Vital Voices partnered with Bank of America to form the Global Ambassador’s Program, which pairs distinguished women with emerging women leaders in developing countries to mentor and guide them in their individual fields. The program is based on the belief that strong leadership is necessary for successful communities and to promote economic development. There have been two major conferences so far—one in Haiti and one in South Africa. The Haiti conference was based on rebuilding efforts from the 2010 earthquake and the South Africa conference focused on strengthening women’s voice and agency across the world.

On Tuesday, Vital Voices hosted the Bank of America for a day-long conference to share the success of the program. I spent a full day prior browsing facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and blog posts for news about the Global Ambassador’s program. To be honest, I had never seen the setup of Pinterest before six days ago! It was a great way to introduce myself to a topic that I knew little about and read updates on a major Vital Voices program.

Looking forward, I am hoping to get involved in the preparation for the Argentina conference in November. As a Spanish major, I want to practice my skills however I can!

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